IoT or SoA?

I use IoT as another word for just the next wave after SOA as reincarnation of Disitributed Computing.

Basically we speak since the 1980ties of Distributed Computing design (back cialis pas cher then the driver was medical AI, which were the first who were consuming distributed data sources). Since middle of the 1990ties we speak of the Internet of Services and Component Based Architecture (CBA,IBM usage in context of IBM On-Demand concept which eventually was marketed by Amazon then as Elastic Cloud in 1997).

Best use of distributed computing came then in context of EAI around 2001, where the need was great and the understanding that the more computers are connected the more you need a decentralized communication instance, what we call a "Bus" (in its prominent form ESB). All this was based on API enabled decentralized services (components, Windows had it since 1995). Gartner came then  in 2004 with the popular name of SOA to coin the need, ten years after it was already standard in UNIX and Windows. SOA is hence just another word for "Operating Design on Network Level".

We can take it that way, that IoT is the facade of cloud computing and SOA with ESB the technical architecture.