Ralf Schirrmacher

Airport and Aviation Strategist

Ralf Schirrmacher, born 1961, has a long experience record of lead roles in aviation and airport building projects. He started his career with Frankfurt and Munich Airport and then brought his skills and knowledge to many airport projects all over the world. 

Ralf Schirrmacher has 20 years of experience in strategic airport development from the perspective of many different stakeholders (airport planner, airport builder, airport owner, airport operator, airlines, providers of services and infrastructure and regulatory bodies like government and aviation-related international organizations). He understands that successful and smooth operations of an airport as perpetual management and improvement driven by innovation. Its success depends widely on the well-coordinated and orchestrated setup of the airport stakeholders in order to achieve valuable results timely and at costs in line with budget targets.

Aside of the educational and academic background a profound understanding of the economic context played a vital role in past when doing corporate strategy development. This includes the leveraging factor of an adequate utilization of information technology and its infrastructure especially in airport and airline-related environments.

Applied multi-project and program management within the right methodological framework allow him to keep track on schedules and resources at expected quality of services and can give right answers and reports for the varying needs of individual stakeholders.