New Game is On

A New Game is On

The Digital Transformation has brought back all nations back to zero - a new card deck is now being dealt. While the big nations were dominating the game during the high time of old industries like steel, oil or automotive, they will no longer have an advantage over small and emerging countries in the digital era.

Back to Zero

And it is more than that: The Digital Transformation is also no longer an "either-or" economic game, a play that lets one party win when the other loses - it is now a win-win Darwin play where those win the most who adopt best to the environment and work in best harmony with others. The transformation of the future is filled with so many tasks both for infrastructure and education as well as with  many niche applications. There is enough for every ambitious and engaging country to play a role - just think of building a better internet, integrating nature and technology, finding new and better algorithms for analysis, diagnosis, prediction and decision making, services that offer common data lakes and so many more. Digital Transformation leaves no place for island solution and monopolistic eco-systems: Digital Transformation and its prominent form of AI can only work when the world works together in harmony.