With the decades of experience our experts bring in wisdom and a lot of practical insights to help the decision makers of today improving their Digital Strategy.

Jorge Sebastiao

Jorge Sebastiao is a seasoned CTO with experience in AI, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Disaster Recovery, Big Data and a managed services professional focused on business value. He created the process A6 of security: Assess, Architect, Apply, Administer, Awareness and Agility. Mr. Sebastiao has been the speaker at numerous international conferences.

Deepak Sareen

Mr Deepak Kumar Sareen dedicated his 40 years of experiences to successful implementation of techno commercial projects of national importance and export development and worked in various private and government positions..

Dr. Jayanta Chakravorty

Jayanta Chakravorty is the Founder & Chief Mentor of Asentrek Global - A Global virtual platform for Entrepreneurs, Thought leaders, Academic , Tech Masters , Consultant & Coaches.

One of the Most sought after Speaker ,Educator ,Business Consultants & Thought Leader.

A Growth acceleration expert - Trained & Coached Entrepreneur, CEO, Manager, SME.


Karl F. Schmidt

Karl Friedrich Schmidt is a serial-entrepreneur and business enabler with more than 20 years’ experience in organizational and business development and the consulting of multi/nationals as well as SME. He is a lecturer at University for Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern for “Industry 4.0”.



Logosworld is a classical German bureau of engineers that since 1984 gives advise when it comes to evaluate the latest technology trends in computing and lends a hand when it comes tom implement Industries 4.0. 


Oumar Seck

Oumar Seck created and owns Emerging Africa Consulting, an international consulting and advisory firm based in Johannesburg with reach in Lagos, Nairobi and Kinshasa for Finance, Entrepreneurship, Private Sector Development (PSD), Oil-Gas-Mining, and Infrastructure. Oumar Seck is presently managing the EU-ACP PSD Platform, a Fund of Fund, as Team Leader and helped build Africa’s Entrepreneurial Finance Infrastructure.


Walter Feiler

Walter Feiler has over 30 years of professional experience especially as Chief Operating Officer and in negotiating large enterprise deals with international companies. he has a passion for complex questions and simplifying the context while identifying pragmatic solutions.


Hans Sleijpen

Hans Sleijpen, born in 1965, has 30+ years’ experience in business control and business consultancy, both in the private sector (e.g. large chemicals producer) and the public sector (large public health group).  During the last 5 years he focused on data mining and data visualization, retrieving and disclosing valuable insights for customers again in the private and public sector, using tools like Power BI and RapidMiner based on an insight driven approach within a service-oriented architecture, supporting them in their digital transformation process

Marco Stikvoort

Marco Stikvoort, born in 1956 has a 40+ year long track record in IT and logistics. After joining some outstanding firms, he (co-)owned several consultancy firms specializing in project management and process improvement including SAP implementation and Lean Six Sigma. Now he engages in new business forms, using systems theory, data driven approaches, service oriented architecture and finite economy/ecology concepts.

Johannes Volckmann

Johannes Volckmann born 1961 in Locarno, Switzerland and a learned Mathematician. He excels in organizational restructuring of organizations in the light of Digital Transformation as an expert in standards like ISO-20000, ITIL and more.