Rolf Dittberner

Airport and Aviation Strategist

Rolf Dittberner, born 1948, is a passionate civil engineer and has a AAA reputation in airport planning and execution. In the past 40 years he was in responsible roles in management and supervision of many critical airport projects, amongst them over 20 years with Frankfurt Airport where he managed with absolute competence to avoid the problems that caused the infamous delays in Berlin now.

Rolf Dittberner is a Senior Civil Engineer with now 40 years of experience in the field of project management, project coordination and supervision for a wide variety of projects, including more than 20 years with Frankfurt Airport.

His responsibilities included establishing, monitoring & review of detailed project schedules to ensure compliance and consistency with approved master schedules and master plan; project pre-implementation of planning as well as procurement steps in order to meet the project goals.

His reputation makes him still a welcome advisor at decision making levels in the aviation business that allows him to maintain a large and influencial network.

Examples of activities where he was in charge of are:

  •  negotiation of planning and procurement steps and phases and ensuring of compliance

  •  reporting of progress figures and others such as of contract, changes, budget etc.

  •  identifying any possible conflict during pre-implementation, execution and recommendation how to overcome these conflicts (risk management)

  •  regular monitoring of progress, contract and budget figures as well as reporting procedures