Aviation Consulting

50 Experts has a dedicated subgroup with life-long experience in aviation, airport building and airport management. We assist airports in building their strategy and implementing their visions with a highly diverse and deep knowledge in airport management from landside to airside.

Task force for high tech airport transformation from landside to airside

We build a task force alliance that allows us to successfully bid on airport development tenders and take over responsibility for the respective implementation. We offer planning and supervision from architecture to hand-over for future airport transformation project on all sectors on ground side, including areas that are often neglected like the full connection from landside to airside.

Senior experts with decades of experience in airport transformation

We have a subgroup within the 50 Experts of currently close to 20 people with in depth airport experience. Most of our airport specialists have experience in building and renewing airports all over the world and that for several decades and with a good variety of positions to have a comprehensive coverage of the requested areas. 

Activity summary

  • Here is a small summary of areas that we primarily address in the aviation sector.
  • Developing strategies for airport privatization openings and tendering
  • Expertise in Airport Operations from landside to airside incl. ground handling and a/c services
  • Design, evangelize and implement new sustainable Aviation Business Models
  • Providing necessary support and experience for Due Diligence in airport privatization
  • Expertise in Airport master planning for the airport development and value generation
  • Airport 4.0 Digitalization Initiative incl. Passenger Experience
  • Airline liaison and airline services incl. MRO
  • Define Standard Operation Procedures for implementation commodity parts of implementation
  • Expertise in airport efficiency including energy and environmental aspects
  • Training on airport staff and provision of professional airport executives